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New Product Launched
Sunlan Chemicals has developed a single - pack - glitter inks under PVC base for conventional printing purpose

Monday, 07 April 2008
New Production Unit
Sunlan Chemicals has moved into a new production unit with better R & D facilities

Monday, 07 April 2008
Sunlan Chemicals goes online
Sunlan chemicals has now gone online created by Bhavin Patel from Please contact him for any admisitration puporses on ...

Wednesday, 02 April 2008
Welcome to Sunlan Chemicals PDF Print E-mail
Sunlan Chemicals is a leading Screen Printing Ink Manufacturer with excellent customer experience and modern R&D facilities based in Ahmedabad (Western region of India)

Our Manufacturing list includes a complete range of screen printing inks & auxillaries. A complete world of Sunlan Products have been set up for a screen printing purpose. We have been serving a wide variety of customers for their multiple applications with our products & services.

Each product has been developed after intensive R&D and constant interaction with customers for feed-back.

From Screen Emulsions to Printing Inks and Screen Washing Chemicals, all have a solid technical back up.
Along with a highest quality our products also conform to stringent international standards.
A separate team of experts are appointed for consistant quality checkup.

With an exceptional consistancy, our products are finding a growing acceptance amongst printing majors & leading export houses. 
Keeping pace with the changing times. We provide you an exceptional, consistent quality-ink at par with international standards through intensive study of the developing needs in screen printing for garment industry. With our inks we guarantee you higher levels of economy and performance. So why settle for good when you can have better.